A classic car with a rotten floor – does such an investment pay off?

Not only engine failures, lack of available aftermarket parts and corrosion-damaged bodywork are the enemies of classic car enthusiasts. Also, rotten floor is a nightmare that spends sleepless nights for all who have decided on such a vehicle. However, there are people who choose such models of classic cars. Is it at all profitable? What is the point of spending money on a vehicle whose floor looks like Swiss cheese?

Rotten floor – what does it even mean?

The idea is that, over time, water gets under the soundproofing mats of the car. This can be caused by leaks that bring even small amounts of moisture to the floor. As you know, material that is exposed to moisture for a long time is the perfect conditions for mold. In turn, when this one appears and the car owner does not act quickly, it is bound to spread. In addition to it, corrosion, the number one enemy of metal, will begin to appear on the floorboard. Holes will appear on the soundproofing mats and on the plate as well. After some time this will be visible to the naked eye. Is such a car worth investing in? After all, could lie in moisture even a few or several years. It turns out that many classic car enthusiasts bet on such classics for several important reasons

Where is the floor most likely to rot?

Most often there are defects in the soundproofing mats and the floorboard itself, which we have already written about. Add to this the stringers, a key part in any car. Do not forget about the sills, which often rust from underneath, which is not visible at first glance. These are the parts of the floor of the car that corrode most often.

Is investing in a classic car with a rotten floor a good option?

From a financial point of view it does not make any sense. You will lose a lot of money, as you have to reckon with expenses amounting to at least several thousand zlotys. Bringing a classic car to a proper condition, as far as the floor is concerned, will take a really long time. This alone should be an effective demotivator. Take into account that some parts you may not find on the aftermarket, and new ones, but from other cars may not fit, so the work will come to a standstill. So what is it that sometimes makes enthusiasts buy these classics?

A classic with a rotten floor – an opportunity for many!

Okay, there is one situation in which it is worth buying a classic with a rotten floor – if it is the Delorean from the movie “Back to the Future” or another vehicle that became famous on the market only because of the screen adaptation with its participation. Classic cars that were once owned by celebrities can also be a good choice even with a rotten floor. After a long time of repairs and a lot of money spent, you may find a collector who is willing to put up a fortune for the car. What’s more, enthusiasts are obviously driven by passion, a desire to prove to themselves and others that they can do it. No wonder that they undertake seemingly impossible repairs

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