Jawa will be electric – the great return of the classic motorcycle!

Classic Legends, the company that resurrected the legendary Jawa in India, wants to launch an electric version of this absolute classic

Jawa is a motorcycle manufacturer which is known to a greater or lesser extent to every motorcycle and single-track enthusiast in Poland. In India, Classic Legends, part of the Mahindra & Mahindra group, has revived this Czech-based brand

And it is Classic Legends that has an interesting new plan to develop the brand. An electric Jawa is expected to be developed in the near future, which will harken back to the old legend of these motorcycles, but at the same time will also follow the latest trends according to which more and more vehicles are being electrified.

Despite Indian support, it is very possible that the electric Jawa will be made in Europe. Classic Legends has a facility in the UK, where new technologies are being developed, and there are also plans for a motorcycle factory in Coventry

Main Photo: Artem_Apukhtin/pixabay.com

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