Electric vintage cars – it’s possible!
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Electric vintage cars – it’s possible!

The automotive world surprises us almost every day. This is what happened this time as well. Increasingly popular solution is electrification of old cars!

What is the conversion of combustion cars to electric?

The main motivation for people who want to convert combustion engine car to electric, is concern for the environment. Batteries do not emitCO2, so the state of the air is better, and nature does not suffer every time someone starts the car from the parking lot.

This highly original trend is developing most rapidly in the UK. As much as the goal of converting a combustion engine vehicle to electric is right, the price of such modernization can be effectively discouraged – these are the amounts of up to 100 thousand zlotys. The ecological approach is evident not only in the replacement of the drive unit, but also in the use of used parts from defunct cars. Thanks to this, well-known classics may soon appear on our roads in electric version!

Main photo: JJ Jordan/unsplash.com

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