Common tire failures on classics

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Classic, vintage cars are unfortunately often, due to their age, prone to faults. As old cars are becoming less and less common, parts for them are very hard to come by and the professionals who can take care of repairing a classic are a very hermetic environment. One of the most difficult situations on a vintage car is tire failure. See which ones happen most often and how to fix them.

Why is it difficult to repair tires on a vintage car?

Today’s tires have completely different parameters, dimensions and appearance than those created a few decades ago. This is why it is so difficult to find a vulcanizer, which will deal with the renovation of such a tire. It is often necessary to find a tire store that specializes in this area, which will have tires with the dimensions needed for your car, and then a stationary or mobile tire service that will undertake the replacement. Unfortunately, many vulcanizers refuse to perform this service on a vintage car because they don’t have the equipment or skills to do so. The materials that make up classics are old, more delicate and fragile, so repairing such cars requires exceptional qualifications

What are the most common tire failures?

Of course, as in any car it is a loss of integrity, puncture or crack. However, vintage cars are more likely to catch rubber, because the rubber from which the tires are made for them is old, less flexible and more susceptible to damage. Since new tires for a classic are hard to find, they are also often patched many times, which also affects their tightness and durability. Unfortunately, not very durable tires also do not allow you to go on a long trip. Often such cars are brought to exhibitions on a trailer or are only used for short journeys as a service. Classics are often used as a vehicle transporting newlyweds to the church and from the church to the wedding hall. They are also hired by museums or various entertainment centers, such as western towns. For such short distances, even damaged tires can be used

How to avoid tire defects?

The absolute basis when it comes to taking care of your classic and the condition of its tires is proper care. You can easily find car care products on the market that have a positive effect on the condition of your tires and reduce tire wear. Your driving style also has a great influence on the condition of your tires. Try to use the brakes sparingly and brake as gently as possible to avoid abrasion to your tires. Also, keep an eye on where you drive, because tires will wear less on a straight, smooth road covered with new asphalt than on an old road full of holes and rocks. These are basic things you can do for the health of your tires. You can find all the car care products you need, no matter if it’s a classic or the latest Ferrari model, at the online motorist store

Vintage cars are a niche but incredibly addictive passion. Although it is quite an expensive hobby that often involves considerable investment, it is undoubtedly very rewarding. Well-kept classics look very impressive and can be the envy of many car enthusiasts. Although they cost quite a lot to maintain, they can also become a source of income, if only you develop a good business plan

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