Can a classic be tuned?
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Can a classic be tuned?

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Classics and older cars in general need to be tuned, and this is mainly about upgrading the safety systems, which in old cars are not adapted to modern requirements. Apart from this, the engine also needs to be modified to work with modern fuels.

Of course, adding other extras like roof rails is up to you and if it does not disturb your sense of aesthetics, you can confidently modify your car

Safety systems

Of course, classic cars are not equipped with modern mandatory safety systems, such as seatbelts and headrests. Thanks to belts, the number of fatalities in car accidents has decreased in recent times. The same is true for headrests, which protect the cervical spine. This in turn will prevent the brain from being protected as well. Currently, a lot of people specialize in modernization of classics, so installing a modern belt and headrest should not be a problem

Steering and braking

Brakes and steering in general are the next stage of tuning that affects our safety on the road, as those technologies that were used in old cars are no longer up to date. Be sure to replace the drum brakes with disc ones, as they are much more effective when going downhill, for example

Electrical system

Often in old cars, the inclusion of the simplest device, for example, windshield wipers, limits its other capabilities, so it is worth switching to a twelve-volt electrical system. Then the windshield wipers have the ability to work at full speed during a downpour, and the headlights can shine brighter than in a six-volt electrical system. The conversion can be a bit tricky, and with that will probably come a higher price tag. This is because it is not enough to replace the battery, but the starter, fuses and capacitors, and wiring.


Many drivers do not regularly check the condition of their tires, and this is the only contact between the car and the road. These components age and wear particularly quickly, even when stationary. Tires should not be more than 10 years old. Over time, the rubber compound dries out, and this can pose a safety risk to ourselves and other road users. Stopping distances, for example, can be longer on a wet road if the tires are too old. It can also be much less effective on a dry road. It is possible to switch from bias-ply to radial tires, so it’s worth asking beforehand if this is possible and if you need to meet any requirements.


Today’s engines are, of course, a completely different technology to what was available in the last century. Today’s engines are controlled by a computer, and this computer regulates things like fuel injection and ignition timing. The computer is programmed with an ignition advance curve that is appropriate for today’s gasoline. If it detects any changes in the way the air-fuel mixture is ignited, it can change the ignition timing so that the engine runs at maximum efficiency and emits less harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Classic car engines do not have the ability to adjust this kind of engine parameters because they may have a carburetor, not fuel injection, and they do not have computers. Changing the composition of today’s gasoline can shift the carburetor about 3-5% less than the gasoline the classics were originally designed for. It can also cause misfires and poor throttle response

This means that if you want your classic car to run its best on modern fuels, you’ll need to tune the carburetor and distributor.


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