Protecting your classic for the winter! You can’t forget about it
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Protecting your classic for the winter! You can’t forget about it

Winter is probably the most challenging time of year for drivers. Low temperatures and changing weather conditions can take their toll. How to take care of a vintage car during this time?

Non-freezing radiator fluid – protecting a classic against low temperatures

Every driver should prepare well for the arrival of winter. This applies in particular to owners of older cars, where a possible defect or improper maintenance may prove disastrous in consequences. In this case, what to pay attention to?

One of the first things to do when preparing your classic for winter is to use antifreeze in the radiator, which can withstand temperatures of at least -25℃. If it has been used before, you should check its level. To get reliable information, you can visit a trusted repair shop. The right amount of fluid in the reservoir is important because if it runs out, the entire engine can be damaged.

Winter windshield washer fluid is worth using

Classics are not usually used during the winter. They usually wait in the garage for the arrival of summer, when their owners go to rallies or rallies of vintage cars. However, even in such a place the temperature can drop below zero. Therefore, you should replace the windshield washer fluid with winter fluid, even if you will not use it. This will prevent damage to the reservoir for the substance and the washer pump. You should also clean the windshield of any debris

In the context of windshield washers, you may also want to mention windshield wipers. Before you put the car away, in order to wait out the winter in peace, you should put an insulating film under the wipers. By doing this, you can avoid them from freezing and being damaged. This way you will not have to buy a new product after the winter season is over

Care products can be used to maintain the doors

When it comes to the classics, it is also a good idea to take care of the doors properly. To protect them from winter, you need to take care of the seals and also avoid at all costs freezing – in any part of the body. Special care products are a great help in this regard. In automotive stores, you can come across specifics created specifically for door hinges, tailgate and front hinges, as well as gaskets. It is worth spending a little more money on maintenance products. Thanks to this, the individual elements on which they are applied will retain their efficiency after the winter. All home-made solutions are discouraged – for example, petroleum jelly or other specifics. Their use can be counterproductive

Preparing a classic for winter – what to do before putting it in the garage

Before the owner of a classic car decides to put it away for the winter, it should be meticulously cleaned and then dried. Any dirt will pose a serious threat to the condition of the car body. You should also take care of the hygiene of the chassis, lubricate all the necessary components and get rid of dirt from them

It is also worth taking care of the interior. Upholstery after a few months may acquire an unpleasant smell of “old age”. Therefore, it is good to wash it beforehand and pay special attention to drying it properly. A good solution is also to place a moisture absorber inside the vehicle. Its action prevents the condensation of water.

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