Mille Miglia in June! This is an extraordinary race

The most beautiful race in the world will take place soon. The Mille Miglia, the world’s largest and most important classic car race, is scheduled for June 15 this year. 

Between 1927 and 1957, Italy hosted the now iconic Mille Miglia race. It featured a course that was quite demanding for its time, taking drivers on a journey through the northern and central parts of the country. 

The Mille Miglia tradition is still cultivated today. Practically every year in the middle of May, and this year exceptionally in the middle of June, about 400 crews in classic cars from 1927-1957 line up on the starting line. This year the race will be held on June 15. 

Now, unlike in the past when the drivers covered the entire distance without a break, the entire route is divided into four parts. During the race drivers will visit Brescia, Siena and Rome, among others. There will also be one Polish team on the starting line. 

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