Plymouth – the history of the brand that ruled in the 1960s.
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Plymouth – the history of the brand that ruled in the 1960s.

Plymouth is an American brand that ruled the automotive market in the 1960s, and although for more than a decade in vain to find new information about it, car lovers can not forget about it.

Plymouth – how did it start?

Plymouth was created in 1928 by the Chrysler corporation. The main idea was to create a solid competition for Ford and Chevrolet models, which were conquering the market in those years. Their biggest advantage was the low price. And how did the initial Plymouth models compare? Interestingly, they were much more expensive than their competitors, but what attracted customers were hydraulic brakes as standard and many other amenities that could not be found in vain in other car brands

Plymouth development over the years

The first Plymouth car to leave the production line was unveiled on July 7, 1928, and almost from the start it attracted many car enthusiasts. Subsequent copies sold exclusively in Chrysler dealerships were selling like fresh buns

The development of Plymouth gained momentum. Users appreciated the high standard of new vehicles, leaving behind cheap, but not so attractive models of Ford and Chevrolet. All this meant that Plymouth cars were among the most sold in the United States. It even managed to overtake Ford in terms of number of units sold in the 1940s. This was a huge cause for celebration. The success of the American brand continued until the 1960s, after which dark clouds began to gather over it.

Plymouth in financial trouble

Every major brand has both ups and downs in its history. This is no different for Plymouth, which faced financial problems in the 1960s. Initially, there was no indication of such a turn of events. Plymouth cars were conquering the streets of major cities, and there was still no shortage of people who wanted to buy a new copy

At the end of the years. 60. Plymouth, however, began to gradually lose its position in the market. Customers began to notice flaws such as corrosion of the body and poor assembly quality. The introduction of the Dodge Dart also contributed to the difficult situation of the brand. The consequence of all this was a significant weakening of Plymouth, which never managed to return to the position of the greatest glory days.

Plymouth Valiant and Duster and other models of the final years

The Vaillant and Duster models are undoubtedly some of Plymouth’s most famous cars. They are the ones that mainly allowed the American brand to bounce back from the bottom, saving its reputation in the US. The Valiant was a mid-range car, produced until 1976, while the Duster was classified as a high-end muscle car. This model was produced from 1969 to 1976, 1985 to 1987, and 1992 to 1994.

In the 1990s, the American brand had a total of four models in its lineup. These were the Voyager/Grand Voyager minivan, the Breeze midsize sedan, the Neon compact, and the Prowler sports car.

The end of Plymouth production took place in 2001. It was the end of the history of a brand that had dominated the American market for so many years. The last of the cars to leave the factory was the Neon model, in turn the Voyager and Prowler were incorporated into the Chrysler range.

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