American cars from the early days of motoring. These are unparalleled classics!
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American cars from the early days of motoring. These are unparalleled classics!

The history of automobiles is extremely rich. Over time, vehicles have undergone many modifications. The models produced today are very different from those of decades ago, for which it is easy to get sentimental.

The birth of the American automobile

The American automobile had its beginnings as early as 1900-1903. It was during this period that the first mechanized vehicle was developed there. The first cars were based on horse-drawn carts, so it’s not hard to imagine how different they must have been from the cars we know today. The leading manufacturers at the time were Oldsmobile and Rambler. The speed of the proposed cars was no more than 25 km/h, while the engine power ranged from 5-15 hp. However, this development of technology was not to everyone’s liking. The idea of introducing such vehicles to public use had both devoted supporters and staunch opponents. The latter group primarily included farmers who were concerned about the safety of their cows

A journey into the past

Among the first models to appear on American roads was the 1903 Rambler. The Rambler entered series production in March 1902. Less than a year was enough to produce a whole 1500 of them. It brought incredible fame to the brand’s founder, namely Thomas B. Jeffery. In 1914, the name was changed from Rambler to Jeffery in his honor. Unfortunately, Thomas himself did not live to see this distinction – he died in 1910

In 1954, the American Motors Corporation was formed. The corporation produced cars under the Hudson, Nash, and AMC brand names, but it was the Rambler that dominated them all until 1966. Among the historic models is the stunning Rambler Six classified as a high-end passenger car. Produced between 1956 and 1960, the Six was particularly notable for its large, oval radiator grille finished in chrome. In 1985 the Rambler Six underwent a number of modifications which resulted in a complete change of its shape. Other models which are undoubtedly worth attention are Rambler Ambassador, Rambler Rebel and an extremely interesting pony car – Rambler Marlin. Each of them to this day evokes warm feelings in every enthusiast of American automobiles.

Over the years

As the years went by, the need for technological advancements became greater and greater. More and more models appeared on the market, and interest in automobiles grew inexorably. A landmark event in the history of the American automobile was the creation of the Ford T, which to this day is an iconic true classic mentioned in every school history textbook of the 20th century

Its production began in 1908 and continued uninterrupted for the next two decades. Its designers included Henry Ford, C. Harold Willis, and József Galamb. Ford intended it to be a car dedicated to American families. The car was to be, above all, cheap, easy to repair and service, and comfortable. Ford T fulfilled all these requirements in one hundred percent. In 1908 the first car of this model left Piquette Plant and this date is still considered as the beginning of mass motorization.

The immortal Ford Mustang

In 1964 another of the greatest classics began production and is still very popular. We are talking about the Ford Mustang model. It is a pony car type sports car, classified in the middle class. It was the biggest competitor to the equally interesting Chevrolet Corvette, which was the only sports car produced in the United States until 1964

The Ford Mustang was developed for young people looking for a fast, original and relatively inexpensive car. In those years it was a symbol of youth, dynamism and freedom, which is extremely important for people growing up. The Ford Mustang’s trademark was the wild horse, which signified the great power inherent in the machine. The final look of the Ford Mustang was based on two prototypes that were unveiled in 1962 and 1963. Over the decades, the car has undergone many modifications – as of 2014, the 6th generation of this model is already in production.

When the war came

During World War II, priorities inevitably changed. It was necessary to think strategically, and above all to think about how to support American soldiers. They needed all-terrain vehicles that would perform under all conditions. An excellent proposal turned out to be Willys MB, later called Jeep. During the same period, the Ford GPW model also rolled out of the factories

These cars played a huge role in the history of World War II. They were used on all fronts involving American soldiers and performed excellently. Difficult terrain or weather conditions were no obstacle for them. After the war Jeep also became a car available for civilians. Americans fell in love with this car and, more precisely, with unusual possibilities it opened for them. Among the most popular Jeep models are Wrangler and Cherokee


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