The biggest classic rallies in the world! That’s where you should go
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The biggest classic rallies in the world! That’s where you should go

Vintage cars have a huge fan base all over the world. Here are the most interesting rallies where car fans can get acquainted with the legendary classics.

The vintage car phenomenon

Many drivers are crazy about vintage cars. Some claim that the mechanism at work here is similar to that of wine – the older the vehicle, the better. However, acquiring such a classic is an extremely expensive undertaking and not many people can afford to keep an older car in good condition. We can, however, take advantage of numerous opportunities that will allow us to get to know more about cars of this type.

Throughout the world, there are many cultural events that bring together lovers of classic vehicles. These include rallies, rallies and presentations. During such events, enthusiasts get a chance to see their beloved machines with their own eyes, look at every detail, and also learn many fascinating things from experts. If you belong to the group of old car enthusiasts, don’t miss the presented events! It will certainly be an exciting and unforgettable experience that you can happily remember for a long time.

Mille Miglia – once a race, now a peaceful parade

The Mille Miglia, or “thousand miles,” is a historic endurance race that once took place in northern Italy. The routes were along public roads that were closed and specially prepared for the event. The race was held from 1927 to 1957 and was extremely popular around the world.

Among the drivers most notable in its history was Clemente Biondetti, who also participated in the first Formula One championship, but he only competed in one race for F1 – he had more success in MM, recording the highest number of wins. It was a race that greatly contributed to the popularity of brands such as Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, which enjoyed regular triumphs in appearances. At the height of the Mille Miglia’s popularity, drivers could count on audiences of up to five million.

What does the Mille Miglia look like now?

But why was the organization of the race discontinued? The reason was two unfortunate accidents that resulted in the deaths of drivers, navigators, and spectators. Both of these accidents occurred in 1957, and for the next few years the race was held in a modified format with speed limits, but this was not very appealing to spectators.

In 1977 it was decided to resume the races under the name “Mille Miglia Storica”, but they were decidedly different from those held before 1957. They were more like a parade of vintage sports cars in honor of all those who had participated in the original editions of the Mille Miglia. The routes run through the scenic roads of Lombardy and Tuscany. This is one of the biggest events that every classic car enthusiast should go to.

Auto-Moto Classic

The Auto-Moto Classic showroom located in Strasbourg, on the border between France and Germany, organizes annual events for classic car fans. It is a meeting place for lovers of both older cars and motorcycles. The whole event lasts three days, and during this time guests can count on amazing experiences. During the next edition scheduled for April 2021, as many as 150 exhibitors will be present to showcase their beautiful vehicles.

Strasbourg is the capital of a traditional region where motoring has always had a special place. Among others, Bugatti has its headquarters in Alsace. French and international specialists from various industries will be present at the fair, as well as local and national motor clubs. During the events organized at Auto-Moto Classic you will be able to see beautiful old models of exclusive vehicles, as well as take part in various shows and presentations.

Direction Lithuania – the rally in Biryzy

Birże is a city located in the north of Lithuania, just a few kilometers from the border with Latvia. In 2018, the tenth edition of the rallies organized by the Historic Vehicles Club “Klasika” was held here. More than 120 magical vehicles could be seen on site, each of which attracted the eyes and attention of car lovers. Cars arrived from Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Russia, and also from Poland. As many as 20 cars could boast the title of pre-war.

What delighted the visitors most was the variety of makes and models. Each of the presented vehicles really stood out and presented its own unique character. There were both well-known Volgas and great American cruisers from the 50s. The rally takes place every year and is the largest event of its kind on the Baltic coast.

London Classic Car Show

Olympia London, also called Olympia Exhibition Centre, is an exhibition, cultural, and conference center located in the Fulham neighborhood. Many interesting events take place here – such as the London Classic Car Show, among others.

The Classic Car Show is an event dedicated to collectors, owners, and enthusiasts of classic cars. Each of these people will be able to discover and learn about an exceptional collection of classics for sale. It is an international event that attracts car enthusiasts from all over the world. Dealers, manufacturers, restorers, and car clubs are present on site. The vehicles are carefully selected and unique models can be found among them. True fans of older cars cannot miss this event! Even if you are not planning to buy your own vintage car, it is definitely worth visiting this place and just have a look at the most beautiful models from the past decades

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