What to look for when buying a caravan?

A caravan is a luxury that more and more people afford. If you enjoy traveling and want a little more mobile comfort in your travels this type of purchase may be something for you. However, if you decide to buy a caravan, there are some pretty important things to keep in mind. What formalities are involved in buying a caravan? What should the sales contract for the purchase of this type of vehicle look like? If you have decided to buy a caravan, this information will certainly come in handy.

What should a caravan purchase agreement contain?

Whether you are buying a caravan from a commission, showroom or private individual, a caravan sales agreement is an essential element to avoid any potential unpleasantness or inaccuracies. Such an agreement in the case of a caravan is not very different from a contract of sale to buy a car. It should include the details of the seller and the buyer (name, surname, PESEL number, address, if necessary NIP), as well as information about the trailer (make, model, registration number,

vIN number, year of manufacture, trailer dimensions, equipment). For each vehicle, these types of agreements also contain information about third party insurance. It is no different when the subject of the transaction is a caravan – the agreement on the sale of such a caravan should include the details of the insurance company, rates or amounts. Of course, in addition to the above, each contract should contain the date and place of its conclusion and the signatures of both parties.

Buying a caravan – how to deal with all the formalities?

By law a caravan is a motor vehicle. As such, it is subject to compulsory registration, just like a car. Once you have purchased your caravan you have 30 days to register it. To do this you must go to your local Department of Transport, and with the help of the officials there register your caravan. There you will certainly need the registration certificate, the purchase agreement, the vehicle card and the license plate, so be sure to bring them with you. The cost of such registration is fixed and amounts to 121.50 zł. This amount includes the registration certificate (PLN 54) and a set of registration marks (PLN 12). In addition, a caravan is subject to compulsory third party insurance. You should report to the insurance company where the caravan is insured within 14 days of purchase. Inform the insurance company that the caravan has changed ownership, providing a copy of the purchase agreement as confirmation. After the end of the current policy you can buy a new one in another insurance company. Remember that there are high financial penalties for delaying the insurance and registration of the purchased vehicle.

What else is involved in buying a caravan?

Obviously with an expense such as a caravan it is not worth risking buying a cat in a bag. Check the condition of the caravan – is everything in order? Does the equipment really include what is described in the contract? Sellers often require you to sign a certificate that you have inspected the caravan before you buy it. Take advantage of this privilege, and remember that you can also request that certain facts be certified in writing. If you are intimidated by the prospect of writing contracts and certificates yourself, use ready-made contract templates and generators available online, such as the one at https://autoumowa.pl/download/. If you don’t want to take the risk, ask the seller to certify that the trailer being sold is not encumbered in any way and is his property.

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