Fiat Coupe – is this car already a classic of motoring?
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Fiat Coupe – is this car already a classic of motoring?

The Fiat Coupe is a car whose qualities have been appreciated by many lovers of Italian motoring. Its original appearance, as well as excellent performance are the hallmark of this model known in the 90s.

The origins of the Fiat Coupe

The production of Fiat Coupe lasted from 1993 to 2000. During this time, just over seventy thousand units of this specimen were produced. For the appearance of the car was responsible Chris Bangle, who at that time was one of the leading people involved in the creation of innovative solutions in the field of body lines. In 1992 he was responsible for the design of the BMW brand, for which he designed such models as the BMW 7 Series, BMW 5, Z3, Z4, Z8, 1, 3, 6, X5, X6, among others. He also marked his presence with the design of the legendary Mini. He ended his work in the automotive industry at the age of 52.

When creating the exterior for the Fiat Coupe, Bangle drew on the Italian style, which is known for its beauty, as well as attention to detail. The interior of the car was well equipped and emphasized its sporty style. Noteworthy features included leather upholstery, soft-touch plastics, as well as painted accessories on the doors and dashboard

Daily use

During daily operation, the Fiat Coupe performs flawlessly. Despite the fact that passengers must enter through the driver’s entrance, they can count on plenty of space in the rear seats. The trunk counts nearly 300 liters and will certainly accommodate the most necessary luggage.

The disadvantage of this Italian model is quite stiff suspension, which reduces the comfort of traveling a bit. This is compensated by relatively cheap repairs.

The creators of the Fiat Coupe from the beginning carried the intention of designing a sports car. This can be seen by what kind of drive units created this legend. In the offer of the Italian manufacturer there were engines:

  • 1.8 16V with 131 hp,
  • 2.0 20V with 147 to 154 horsepower,
  • 2.0 20V Turbo with 220 hp.

The sound of the last two drive units is very characteristic.

Particularly noteworthy is the two-liter turbocharged engine providing excellent performance, which has gained a lot of recognition among tuning enthusiasts. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is achieved by the 2.0 20VT version in just over six seconds, and the top speed is 253 km/h. Taking into account the above parameters, the combustion comes out quite well, because in the mixed cycle is within 11-13 l/100km

A disadvantage of the Fiat Coupe, as in the case of many sports cars, is faster wear of selected components. The most prone to failure are the gearbox synchronizers and joints. Higher oil consumption may also be a frequent occurrence in this version. More serious failures relate to sensors, coolers or thermostats, and camshafts.

Cars with higher mileage may have problems with wear on shock absorbers, control arms, and the entire exhaust system. Original mufflers can be quite susceptible to corrosion. Unless you’ve been in an accident, you shouldn’t have much trouble with overly corroded bodywork. This also means that you don’t have to worry about having to repair hard-to-reach areas, such as the engine cover, which is integrated with the fenders.

Fiat Coupe as an automotive classic

The Fiat Coupe was also produced in versions that will soon be able to count as automotive classics due to the limited number of copies that appeared on the automotive market. Both have much better equipment than previous versions, but when it comes to improving performance, it is difficult to find any changes in LE and Plus versions

Fiat Coupe is a car that can not yet go into the category of automotive classics. Production of the model took place in the 1990s and ended in 2000, which makes the model still relatively young. However, it is noteworthy that only seventy thousand copies were released, among which you can also find versions that are very rare on the aftermarket

Considering the performance it had in the mid-nineties compared to other sporty models of the time, it is safe to say that the Fiat Coupe was unique. The body line, which was created by well-known people from the world of design, makes it possible to consider the Fiat Coupe, even thirty years after its premiere, as a contemporary model with an appearance that delights many sports car enthusiasts

(Photo: Rudolf Stricker/wikipedia)

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