What to check when buying an old car?
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What to check when buying an old car?

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A brand new and shiny car straight from the showroom is the dream of every car enthusiast, but unfortunately not everyone can afford such a luxury. Especially young drivers, just after receiving their driving license, usually can only dream about a new car. Most of them decide to get a second-hand car.

Some people also believe that it is not worth investing a lot of money in a first car, because even after passing a driving test, a driver learns all the time and probably will heavily discount his vehicle. Whatever the reason you decide to buy a used car, you need to know how to buy it with your head and what to check in order not to be cheated

Check the actual technical condition of the car

It is clear that every owner of a given vehicle or a car dealership will praise your chosen model. He won’t mention the defects, which are not very important. Although faith in human honesty is beautiful and necessary, you can not take everything at its word, especially when the amount at stake is several or even several thousand zlotys. Ask for a test drive, as well as the opportunity to check the technical condition of the car at a trusted or recommended mechanic in town. A man who has no interest in selling you a car, certainly will not try to deceive you. Look for a mechanic who has the right equipment to see if the odometer on the vehicle has been rolled back, this knowledge will also give you an overall idea of what condition the car may be in

This will also give you a general idea of the condition of the car. When you visit the garage, you can get a rough idea of the additional costs you have to add to the purchase of the car, such as oil changes and suspension service. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that although the car seems to be good and efficient, everything is holding up, and literally a few weeks later you have to spend twice the value of the car for its repair

Check the price of spare parts and fluids for your car model

Another trap that you can get caught in, as an inexperienced person when it comes to car buying, is the prices of parts and cosmetics for a particular car model. It is a bit like a printer, the hardware itself may be cheap but the ink costs a fortune and thus the purchase is unsuccessful. The car oils and replacement parts can cost a lot of money, especially if the car model is very old and the parts are hard to find

It is advisable to think carefully before buying and check online for potential prices of the most unreliable parts that will probably need to be replaced over time. In store https://www.franceauto.pl/ you can check prices of parts for most French cars available in Polish commissions and not only. It is worth bearing in mind that the repair of the car bought for five thousand zlotys, may exceed its value, especially if the parts are expensive and have to import them from abroad. Once again, referring to the printer – it is better to spend a little more money at one time, so as not to overpay at regular operations for years

A driver, especially a young one, would like to have a car as soon as possible, and preferably right away. However, due to this haste and enthusiasm, it is easy to make a grave mistake. To be happy with your purchase, you need to make the decision calmly and give yourself time to weigh all the pros and cons.

Main Photo: Darwin Vegher/unsplash.com

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