The oldest Mercedes – what engines they had and what they admired
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The oldest Mercedes – what engines they had and what they admired

Mercedes has delighted its fans more than once. Even the oldest models attracted admiration and enjoyed great popularity

These are cars that amazed not only with their engine power, but also with their unusual looks and design solutions. Are you a fan of this brand? Want to know what models have appeared on the market over the years? Then check out our list of the most popular car models from Mercedes, which have not lost their popularity over the years and are still considered to be some of the most interesting cars appearing on the market.

Mercedes-Benz W154

This model was first presented in 1938. It is a sporty Mercedes that was used in auto racing at the beginning of its production. It is a vehicle that featured a spacious body with a tubular frame and an aluminum body. The front suspension consisted of control arms, spring, and hydraulic shock absorbers. This car was produced from 1938 to 1939.

Mercedes-Benz 500K

Full of elegance, luxury passenger car, which was produced from 1934 to 1936. This car is distinguished by its beautiful and original design, as well as equipment that aroused interest in those days.

This model was equipped with a gasoline engine with the power of R8. The maximum power in this model was 160 hp. This is a car that had a four-speed or five-speed manual transmission. The rear drive gave more driving satisfaction. It was perfect for car fans who valued comfort and convenience above all else.

Mercedes-Benz 540K

A car with an elegant and sporty appearance, which was classified as a luxury class car. The production of this model lasted from 1936 to 1940

The car was equipped with a four-speed and five-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel drive, and a fuel tank of 110 liters – all this made the car aroused interest and was very popular among fans of fast driving. It was available with an R8 engine with a maximum output of 180 hp at 3400 rpm. The top speed it was capable of was 140-170 km/h. Models were available with seating for two, four and seven passengers.

Mercedes-Benz 770

The Mercedes-Benz 770 model was also very popular. This is a vehicle classified as a luxury passenger car. This model was produced from 1930 to 1943. You could find a model with the R8 7.7 engine in the market. This model was equipped with a five-speed and four-speed manual transmission. The classic appearance did not amaze, but it was a very comfortable car that took care of the comfort of the driver and passengers.

The first version was produced in 1930. Until 1938, it was the only one on the market. However, at the end of 1938 the second generation appeared, which was equipped with an engine with 155 horsepower at 300 rpm. This model attracted with its stylish and elegant appearance

Mercedes-Benz 540K

Classified as a luxury car, the 540K was produced from 1936 to 1940. It delighted with power and other parameters, and aroused curiosity and admiration with its appearance. It was classified in the F segment. This model was available with a gasoline engine R8 5.4 In addition, models with four or five-speed manual transmission were available on the market.

We presented some of the most popular Mercedes models that could be found in the market. These are cars that enjoy popularity and recognition. They impress with their parameters, and in many cases with their modern, elegant and designer appearance. No wonder that these are cars that interest almost all fans of vintage cars.


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