Cars from XXI century that can become classics – TOP5
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Cars from XXI century that can become classics – TOP5

Among car enthusiasts, “young classics”, known as youngtimers, are becoming increasingly famous. Which of the cars produced in the twenty-first century can be included in this group?

Younger automotive classics, or youngtimers on the road

For car fans, the term youngtimer is not unfamiliar. This word describes the models of cars, which were produced in the eighties and nineties. These are vehicles that are slowly entering the group of automotive classics. Some of them can aspire to the name of historic cars – in Poland, cars whose age has exceeded 25 years are considered vintage. In this case, their condition must be checked by an expert.

Production in a certain period of time is not everything – cars considered as young classics of motorization should be distinguished by their class and constant fame among drivers. The most popular youngtimers nowadays include BMW, Mercedes and Audi models, as well as many other cars produced at the end of the last century. As their fame continues to grow, so do the prices and maintenance costs of classic cars. For true car lovers, however, this is not a problem – the experience of driving a timeless vehicle fully compensates for this.

The definition of a youngtimer naturally changes over time. Not long ago, cars from the 1990s were not accepted in this group, but now vehicles from this period can also be considered classics. We are approaching the moment when the cars of the XXI century will also be included in this group – we can already determine which of the popular models have the greatest chance to become youngtimers.

The most popular cars of the XXI century, which can become valued classics

Nowadays, the market offers a huge number of different cars, which can make it difficult to make the right choice. Among them you will find more or less robust, presenting different performance and characterized by different standards of workmanship. The choice is often also dictated by our financial possibilities. An interesting way to ensure a comfortable and pleasant ride can be to look for a car among slightly older models.

Today, cars from the beginning of the 21st century are not particularly eye-catching, but in a few years they can become unique, classic vehicles. This is a great choice for car enthusiasts who want to invest in an interesting car for the future. Currently, their prices are not exorbitant, but there are many indications that their value will significantly increase in the coming years.

Audi A4 B5

B5 is the first generation of the extremely popular Audi A4 model. The car in this version was produced from 1994 to 2001. Initially, it was only available as a four-door sedan, which in a relatively short time was joined by a station wagon variant. Audi A4 B5 is a car that gained great recognition not only during the production period, but also in the following years. We can still often find it on the roads, but it is gradually becoming a rarer sight.

Audi A4 B5 was distinguished primarily by its simple design and attention to functionality. Both the exterior of the car, as well as in its interior, we will not meet unnecessary enrichment elements. The type of drive depends on the specific variant – we can meet both front and rear drive. The car is distinguished by the possibility of using an innovative gearbox, which allows you to work in manual or automatic mode. Car enthusiasts also pay attention to a very strong, durable engine

Volkswagen Lupo GTI

Another car is an inconspicuous model by Volkswagen – the Lupo GTI. It is in a sense a smaller version of the Golf known to everyone. The variant with petrol engine GTI is the most powerful version of this car. The capacity of 1.6 liters and 125 horsepower combined with the weight not exceeding a tonne gives huge possibilities while maintaining the appearance of a modest city car.

Initial versions of the car were equipped with a five-speed gearbox, which was soon replaced by a six-speed gearbox. The car is notable for its low running costs and considerable mobility. At the time of the series debut in 1998, however, the price of the basic variant of VW Lupo was considered too high in relation to the possibilities of the vehicle. The GTI version, which was developed 2 years later, offered much higher performance, which to some extent justified its original price.

Volkswagen stopped releasing new examples of the Lupo GTI in 2005. The relatively short production period of this model makes it a variant rarely seen on the roads. This makes it a great candidate for the role of a truly unique youngtimer with surprising parameters.

Volkswagen Passat B5 (after facelift)

Here is another model from the Volkswagen brand – but this time it is a proposal that has been a huge success on the market. The Passat B5 was produced between 1996 and 2005, and has gained a reputation as a car that offers great durability and reliability at a good price.

Supporters of the Volkswagen brand and the Passat B5 point out that the car is one of the reliable ones and does not cause problems for the driver regardless of the conditions. What stands out is its powerful engine. Despite the conflicting opinions about the car, positive opinions prevail, which are further confirmed by the gradual increase in the price of the model and its continuing popularity.

In 2000, the car lived to see a facelift, and a year later its most powerful variant hit the market. We are talking about the model with the W8 engine – the 4-liter drive unit offers as much as 275 horsepower. It is this version that has the best chances of becoming a youngtimer.

Mercedes S-Class

For years, the Mercedes brand has been associated with a kind of luxury and reliability. The popularity of the brand’s cars follows the widespread opinions. Car lovers pay particular attention to Mercedes S-Class, which over the years have distinguished themselves by considerable durability, excellent driver and passenger comfort and high power. It is worth paying attention to the W220 model, whose prices go up every year, which may herald the appearance of the model on the list of the most desirable youngtimers.

BMW 5 Series E60/E61

The fifth generation of the BMW 5 Series was produced from 2003 to 2010. The famous quality and high performance gave this model considerable popularity, which it still enjoys today. The BMW E60 (sedan) and E61 (station wagon) are distinguished by the presence of a powerful engine and the provision of excellent comfort during driving. Initially, the controversial design of the vehicle found a crowd of fans, whose number increases year by year. Here we are also dealing with gradually increasing prices of models in good condition – this is another car that can be found among the young classics of motoring.


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