Mini Cooper S R53 – what you need to know about the modern classic?
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Mini Cooper S R53 – what you need to know about the modern classic?

The Mini Cooper is one of the most popular and highly regarded models on the market today. It is often called a modern classic, and for good reason. Here is the most important information about this car.

History of the model

The Mini concept design was first unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September 1997. The S R53 is a three- or five-door hatchback that was launched in 2000 by the German automaker BMW. The second generation came out in 2006, while the third generation came out in 2014. Meanwhile, a convertible version was also introduced

The history of the Mini model is extremely interesting, although at the same time somewhat complicated. The car was initially dedicated to a not very wealthy clientele. Its production started in times of crisis, so the prices could not be too high. In the early years Mini was characterized by a simple and undistinguished design, but despite this from the very first moments it won the hearts of drivers. The modernization of the model was mainly due to the Germans who decided to support the British in the development of this car

Initially, the brand belonged to the British Motor Corporation, however, the first models were sold under the sign of Austin and Morris. As a result of the crisis, it was decided to use the offer of the Germans. In 1994 Mini was taken over by BMW, which, as it later turned out, was an excellent decision

A new generation of Mini, already known to all, appeared in 2000. The refreshed version was characterized by modern design, following the latest trends. However, it was not a completely new car. Traditional solutions were not abandoned, so the original English Mini could still be seen

In 2002, the Cooper model appeared in the range with an engine generating power at the level of 163 hp. The Cooper and Cooper S versions won the North American Car of the Year title in 2004

What is the Mini Cooper S R53 like?

The BMW team has done a good job when it comes to upgrading the original model from the British. The Germans have managed to maintain and even increase the customer interest that was developed over several years. The car was officially launched in 2001, while the first facelift took place in 2004. The Cooper S used supercharging, which managed to increase its power output to a dizzying 163 horsepower. The car offered its drivers excellent driving capabilities, which was greatly appreciated by many of them.

A real hit, for those times, was the use of a six-speed manual gearbox, instead of the five-speed present in previous smaller models. This solution mainly contributed to the huge success of the Mini Cooper S R53 practically from the first days of sales

As a result of the facelift in 2004, the exterior was slightly refreshed, while the power output increased to 170 hp.

Cooper and Cooper S

The Cooper and Cooper S names are reserved for sportier versions of the classic Mini. John Cooper and his Cooper Car Company played a huge role in their creation, so manufacturers decided to honor their efforts with the name of the model and one of the tuning options – John Cooper Works (JCW). John Cooper’s company also contributed to the creation of a higher specification model, namely – Cooper S Works. This vehicle was equipped with a larger exhaust and air filter, upgraded braking system and suspension and new 17-inch wheels.

Mini Cooper S R53 – specifications

If you are thinking about buying a Mini Cooper R53, it is worth reading its specifications carefully. Data on the power and dimensions of the car should be treated relatively, as they are difficult to determine unambiguously.

  • Engine: 1598 cc, four-row, supercharged;
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual, 4×4;
  • Power: 170 hp (6000 rpm);
  • Top speed: 222 km/h;
  • Weight: 1140 kg;
  • Acceleration to 100 km/h: 7,2 s;
  • CO2: 207 g/km.

End of production

To the disappointment of many, the production of all Mini Coopers of the R53 generation was stopped in 2007. Despite this, the car still remains in the hearts of car lovers. Mini Cooper S R53 is synonymous with excellent driving characteristics, comfort, functionality and safety


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