Which used cars are about to go up in value? See future automotive classics!

Collectors, get your money out. Frank Stephenson, responsible for the design of Mini, Ferrari, Maserati and McLaren among others, speaks out on future classics. Can you guess which car he is talking about?

The cult designer starts his crystal ball divination. The first models he picks out are sports supercars – the BMW Z4 Coupe and the immortal Honda S2000. Both German and Japanese products are known for their reliability, timeless design and rising prices in recent years

Particular attention should be paid to the S2000 model. This is for many the last noteworthy model of the Asian concern. Under the hood is a two-liter naturally aspirated engine with a satisfying 240 horsepower

Next, Stephenson picks the Alfa Romeo Brera. While many may not find this car particularly appealing, there’s no denying its solid, stylish design and power. It is worth mentioning that the most powerful engine installed in Brera is a three-liter monster with 260 horsepower

The last proposal is quite unusual and not obvious. According to the designer, Citroen C6 will also become a classic. The bargaining chip is not the engine, but the unique French styling.

(Photo: Pixabay)

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