Nissan in the 1970s – what classics did the brand produce?
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Nissan in the 1970s – what classics did the brand produce?

Nissan is a Japanese manufacturer of passenger cars and buses. In the 1970s, vehicles that are now considered to be youngtimers surfaced on the market. Stylish, with very interesting silhouettes, and equipped with powerful drive units.

Nissan Skyline C10

Production of the Nissan Skyline C10 series began in 1968, and lasted until 1972. This model was found in four-door, five-door and two-door versions. You could opt for the vehicle with the 1500 ccm G-5 engine, the 18000 ccm G18 engine, and the 2000 ccm L-20 engine. It was distinguished by its modern appearance for those years. In addition, there was enough space in the car for both driver and passengers. It is worth noting that the car in question is still very popular today, and fans of old classics are looking for models that are maintained in good condition. It is difficult to find a car that would not be damaged by rust.

Nissan Fairlady

Another vehicle that comes from a Japanese manufacturer is the Nissan Fairlady. This is a car that attracted to itself with a modern appearance and an unusual silhouette. It is worth knowing that this is a car that in the 1970s was produced only in 420 copies. In addition, all cars were sold only on the Japanese market. Due to this their availability was low, and this increased the value of the car. Under the hood you can find the legendary and durable S20 engine, which was also installed in the Nissan Skyline GTR. This engine is equipped with a head having four valves per cylinder. Even today, you can still find models maintained in excellent condition that are very popular.

Nissan Skyline GTR

The first Nissan Skyline GTR appeared on the market in 1969. The new model was distinguished by its 160-180 horsepower, which meant that you could afford to drive faster. It was a sports car that was often used for racing.

Nissan Cherry

The Nissan Cherry, which was produced from 1970 to 1986, is also an interesting option. It is a compact passenger car. In the 1970s, two more generations were produced (E10 and F10). After that, a series (N10 and N12) was released in the market, which was available in the European market. The car is classified in the C segment. On the market you could find models in sedan, station wagon, hatchback and also coupe. The car was equipped with R4 or B4 engine. The front drive made it possible to enjoy a comfortable and safe ride. The car was equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 40 liters. It is worth knowing that after some time on the market appeared a twin model, known as Alfa Romeo Arna.

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