Old models that are still being produced today. Long history of these cars!
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Old models that are still being produced today. Long history of these cars!

A pre-war roadster, a Soviet off-roader, an old-school pickup truck and an iconic Peugeot. What do these cars have in common? They all still roll off the production line!

The average production time of one car model is only 6 years. With the spirit of time and rival automotive corporations are trying to offer their customers newer and newer technical solutions, so every now and then they replace the proven cars enjoying great popularity with their more modern versions. However, we can still buy new cars on the automotive market, which are produced in an almost unchanged form for several decades.

Morgan 4/4

The longest produced car in the world is probably the British Morgan 4/4, which first appeared on the roads in 1936. Classic pre-war design, technical specifications unchanged since its launch, and high price make this automotive relic intended for a specific group of customers, and only a few hundred are sold annually. Over the years, the car underwent minor technical modifications and was equipped with increasingly powerful drive units. Currently, it has the power of 110 hp, accelerates to 100 km/h in 8 seconds, and its maximum speed is 185 km/h. Recently, the information about the final withdrawal of the Morgan 4/4 from the market appeared.

Łada Niva (4×4)

Known also from the Polish roads legendary off-roader is produced continuously since 1977. Simple design and low price make this model still very popular among beginner off-road fans. Although over the years some improvements have been introduced in it, and since 2001 formally the second generation of this model is produced, both the appearance and technical solutions in this car have not changed much since the car was introduced to the market. Since 2006, the vehicle is sold under the name Lada 4×4. Since 2020, we can no longer buy it in Poland or in the European Union due to the introduction of new limits on exhaust emissions.

Toyota Land Cruiser J70

Another century-old off-roader on our list is the Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser J7 produced since 1984. The car is available in several body versions. In its history it has undergone a number of facelifts – the last major change to the shape of the front of the vehicle was introduced in 2007. The recipe for longevity in the case of this model is extremely durable construction based on a strong frame, reliability and 4-wheel drive. Currently, the car is powered by a 4.5-liter turbocharged diesel with 204 horsepower. The car is manufactured in Venezuela and Australia and goes primarily to the African and Australian markets.

Zamyad Z24

This car can only be bought in Iran. It is an old-school pickup truck produced continuously since 1970. It was developed under license from Nissan Junior, the production of which the Japanese ended back in 1982. “The Z24 is a really powerful pickup. With this little monster, no load is too heavy,” reads the manufacturer’s website of this vintage model

Peugeot 405

Iran, as well as Iraq and Azerbaijan are the markets where one more model of the car from years ago is still produced. This is the cult Peugeot 405, also popular on Polish roads, which had its debut in 1987. The car won the title of the 1988 Car of the Year and was available for sale worldwide until 1996, when it was replaced by the equally legendary 406 model. Asian manufacturers introduced only minor changes to it.

Mercedes G-Class

The statement that this model is one of the longest models produced to this day is a matter of debate. It is true that the German manufacturer has released three generations of this iconic off-roader since 1979 – the release of the latest installment took place in 2018. On the other hand, all versions of the iconic G-class inherit from the original many common features that are not found in any other model of the car. So, we can say that it is all the time the same, absolutely unique car with a characteristic angular body and a solid and almost indestructible structure.

(Photo: pixabay.com)

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