Everything You Need to Know About Meta Tags
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Everything You Need to Know About Meta Tags

Meta tags are an important part of your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines, especially if you don’t have many backlinks pointing to your site. However, not all meta tags are created equal; in fact, there are plenty of meta tags you should ignore because they do more harm than good. This article will show you how to find the right meta tags to help your business with rankings and user experience so that you can get started quickly and effectively!

What are they?

Meta tags are hidden bits of information on a website. They provide browsers with additional information about what they’re viewing, such as keywords or the author’s name. But meta tags don’t only apply to webpages: images and videos also have meta tags that offer more detail about the content they display. New Zealand SEO services can help you generate them for all your digital content to ensure you get ranked higher in search engine results pages.

What information goes in them?

Meta tags are words and phrases that help your search engine optimize your website. There are three sets of tags: meta title, meta description, and meta keywords. A meta title should be short and concise, only about 70 characters. The description should have about 150 characters so potential visitors can understand what your site is about without clicking through. It should also summarize the content on the page. Keywords are extremely important in attracting people to your site and positioning it for certain search terms.

How are they displayed?

Meta tags are coded HTML elements on a page that provide information about the page. Search engines scan these meta tags and use them to figure out what the page is about, its content, and how it should be ranked. That’s why they’re so significant! If you want your site to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), you must ensure your meta tags are well-written and contain relevant keywords. A WooCommerce SEO audit will help identify which titles are currently set up correctly and which need tweaking.

The benefits of having proper meta tags

Having meta tags tells the search engines what your website is about and attracts the right audience. The most important meta tag is the title which should be unique, enticing, and attention-grabbing. Including keywords in a title will help you rank higher in search engine results pages because Google indexes page titles and content. Other important parts of meta tags are description, keywords, and authorship markup.

The bad SEO practices to avoid when creating your meta tags

When creating your meta tags, bad SEO practices include unnecessarily linking keywords, duplicating content, and sneaky cloaking. Avoiding these bad practices will ensure you are only getting the most out of your content. It is essential to remember that meta tags should be one sentence long, as too many words make it hard for search engines to rank pages correctly. With this in mind, think about what keyword phrases you want to target with your meta tag, and then create a well-crafted sentence using those key phrases.

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