More and more classics have electric drive. The focus is on efficiency

More and more classic cars are being replaced by electric cars. But is this a good thing and can such cars really be considered classics?

Classic cars are really important for motoring. However, they have one major drawback. It is their engines (and exhaust systems). Due to the lack of a catalytic converter, they are often quite dangerous for the environment and smoke a lot. That is why more and more often you can find classics with electric drive. 

Economy is one of the most frequently cited reasons among owners of electrically powered classics. In fact, however, these cars are not classics. The only thing vintage about them is the exterior, but the drivetrain itself is modern and that can be a bit of a problem. 

The electrification of the classics themselves can be applauded to some extent. They are greener and allow for cheaper driving. However, let’s hope this move doesn’t affect most vintage cars. 

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