The biggest classic fan clubs in France
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The biggest classic fan clubs in France

France is the home of many famous car brands, such as Citroën, Renault or Bugatti. There is also no shortage of fans of classic models of these manufacturers, who are active in numerous clubs.

Clubs associating fans of classics – in France there is a whole bunch of them!

In Poland, fans of classic cars organize joint rallies and rallies, during which they can show off their vehicles. These are real automotive feasts where really interesting and unique cars appear. However, classics are loved all over the world – not only here! In countries with such a rich automotive history as France, these are organizations that are very active and bring together many committed fans.

The biggest French clubs of car fans

French clubs is a river topic – there are countless of them. The history of some of them even dates back to the 19th century! We present a list of the largest organizations that bring together true car fans, caring for copies of legendary models for years. Let’s start with the most recognizable and largest club, the ACO.

Automobile Club de l’Ouest – Western automotive fan club

This is an extremely thriving club for classic car enthusiasts. The ACO cooperates with the organizers of the Le Mans 24 Hours race. The number of members is impressive – hundreds of classic car fans who have been creating the history of French motorsport since 1906. What’s more, the members of the club are public figures and organize many beautiful events that promote interest in classics among “ordinary” citizens.

Amicale Creusoise de véhicules d’époque

Amicale Creusoise de véhicules d’époque is a club that brings together fans of the oldest models of cars. It has several dozen members who own more than 100 vintage cars. The club’s activities include organizing various automotive events – many of which are sponsored by well-known companies such as Aviva.

Amicale des Automobiles Populaires 50/70

This is a fan club for post-war automobiles. Its members are interested in classics that have recently conquered European streets – the youngest vehicles accepted date back to 1980. This is a real treat for fans of French automotive thought. Amicale des Automobiles Populaires 50/70 brings together extraordinary people who appreciate the qualities of true automotive beauty.

Anciennes voitures de l’Avranchin – fans of unique vehicles

The Anciennes voitures de l’Avranchin fan club focuses on very old classics that still look great. They are a group of true enthusiasts who organize numerous rallies and parades of classics. On the club’s website you can find photo albums of these events – there really is a lot going on there!

Association Normande de Véhicules d’Epoque

This is a gathering that values classic motoring like few other groups. Club members are true enthusiasts who spend their days discussing old cars, organizing local events, and sharing their passion with others. The Association Normande de Véhicules d’Epoque operates in northern France, and its ranks range from owners of classic cars from the 1970s to owners of vehicles manufactured during the First World War.

Club des Vieux Volants du Comminges

This fan club focuses on prestigious vehicles – classics that everyone will love. The members are concerned with cars built before the 1970s that present excellent design, unique technological solutions and style that is unparalleled today. The Club des Vieux Volants du Comminges organizes regular meetings filled with luxury limousines from the past. Even despite the pandemic, its members managed to organize a rally in 2020. Nothing can stop true fans!

Fédération Française des Véhicules d’Époque

The FFVE, or Fédération Française des Véhicules d’Époque, is an organization that brings together other smaller car fan organizations. In total, there are as many as 1,300 different congregations within the federation, which brings together around 800,000 vehicles. The aim is to preserve the memory and promote the cultural heritage of French motoring. One of the FFVE’s tasks is to issue certificates of production date and condition of a vehicle when its owner applies to register it as a historic monument.

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